Author: Jessica Armstrong

Jessica Armstrong is an English and Creative Writing major at Cumberland University. She has had the pleasure of having her work included in Carson-Newman University's Ampersand, Z Publishing's Tennessee's Next Emerging Poets, and in the Nashville Poet's Quarterly magazine. She is excited to be able to participate in Cumberland University's Novus Literary Journal. Some themes prevalent in her work are aging, loss, isolation, mental illness, relationships, religion, and identity. She loves coffee, drawing, and summer.

Honey Queen

it tasted like a bee hum in the mouth
brush of silk wings against tongue
stinger embedded in cheek lining.
that’s what happened when i swallowed
something that didn’t belong anymore
to my gluttonous stomach
the residual honey clinging to my teeth
a sour-sweet reminder of the sphere
where i was queen

Elanor’s Photosynthesis

if, from a lightning bug light
you could summon from the sun
enough energy to pass through
these dusk shadowed days
no need would wither
your green silk
or hasten you to unfold
your compact buds
to bask in a lamp orb
or balance on the bow of a bent beam
of fluorescent flicker.
but since energy
can only be caught
from an unpolluted sun
cracked window blinds
are your truest friend
and the pale puff
from your bereaved breath
(if you had a way to breath)
on the sun tinted glass
would mark the only sign
of life within your wilted leaves.

NOVUS Literary and Arts Journal
Lebanon, TN