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Two hours ago I took a photo of a sky
so blue it came across faked,
one of those 1000 piece puzzles 

where colors have been polarized
to a bluer multiverse; I no longer trust
any image to be true. Even mirrors 

expose a spectre, some quick flash
of a face-what-was, when
any darkness under the eyes 

developed from my choices,
legend-maker nights.
Irises clear, less sad, less 

weary. A ghost at first glance
fades into the face that is—
older, unretouched

by special effect. Without
a hint of yesterday’s
storm that cracked windows 

and trashed yards, bright
with clouds layered atop
a gemstone sky, I took a picture. 

Michele Parker Randall is the author of Museum of Everyday Life (Kelsay Books 2015) and A Future Unmappable, chapbook (Finishing Line Press 2021). Her poetry can be found in Nimrod International Journal, Atlanta Review, Bellevue Literary Review, Tar River Poetry, and elsewhere.

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