Ghost Town

It wasn’t for nothing, that rusty truck.

You drove it to highschool on dusty days,

When the sky seemed closer to our ears.

We smoked burnt cigarettes in the parking lot,

Because we thought it would kill us faster

Than boredom, but here we are, still.

One time, you brought your dad’s beer,

And we sipped on chilled amber aluminum,

Til we drowned the taste in caramel milkshakes

I drink murky beer now, and I think about you.

When I turned seventeen, we went to the muddy creek

To paint the walls orange and to wet our tired feet

Thank -GOD- we wore good shoes.

You haven’t been around for three years,

Three years wasted on moving goalposts and

Falling short. I miss the rusty truck, and your coppery wit.

You asked me one day, under a rustic sky,

“If the whole world paused, would we be together?”

NOVUS Literary and Arts Journal
Lebanon, TN