That smell that lingers on 

I wash it down with water

but it never leaves my tongue

the onion and the garlic 

create a flavor so lethargic 

I slip in to an aroma trance

and dream of a Cajun romance 

an appetite that never dies

no matter where I flee

the Louisiana paradise

still has its grip on me 

Riley Renee Boyer

Renee Boyer is a local of Lebanon, Tennessee. She graduated highschool from McClain Christian Academy, and she decided to continue her education at Cumberland University. She began her journey at Cumberland getting a degree in Business, but after being inspired by her Creative Writing teacher, Sandee Gertz, she decided to change her major and follow her dreams of being a writer. Both of her parents are creatively and musically inclined, so her interest in the arts is supported and encouraged by her family.

NOVUS Literary and Arts Journal
Lebanon, TN