Handlebar Chronicles 

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I learned to ride a bike so
that I could keep up with the neighborhood kids-
the public-school boys, with their
baseball trading cards and Coca Cola breath

On tires we were equals, weightless
our lungs a cocoon
for magnolias in full bloom
summertime sweat and Coppertone Sport

Mikey’s dad and his Irish Whiskey
my own with a failing heart
becoming white noise
beyond our eternal horizon

the liberation was palpable,
feeling like a helmet bruised knee and
dirt cementing on the skin of my legs.
Our tire patterns looked like braids
and I thought I may never follow them home.

Nicole Carey is a graduating double major in English and Creative Writing. She played volleyball at Cumberland University all four years of her education. she is looking to start her teaching career after college an hopes to continue writing.

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