Honey Queen

it tasted like a bee hum in the mouth
brush of silk wings against tongue
stinger embedded in cheek lining.
that’s what happened when i swallowed
something that didn’t belong anymore
to my gluttonous stomach
the residual honey clinging to my teeth
a sour-sweet reminder of the sphere
where i was queen

Jessica Armstrong

Jessica Armstrong is an English and Creative Writing major at Cumberland University. She has had the pleasure of having her work included in Carson-Newman University's Ampersand, Z Publishing's Tennessee's Next Emerging Poets, and in the Nashville Poet's Quarterly magazine. She is excited to be able to participate in Cumberland University's Novus Literary Journal. Some themes prevalent in her work are aging, loss, isolation, mental illness, relationships, religion, and identity. She loves coffee, drawing, and summer.

NOVUS Literary and Arts Journal
Lebanon, TN