That smell that takes me back 

to the rigid Virginia valleys

hidden deep within the map 

where the generations gather

and the wind carries the laughter

the flowing waters pass me by 

and constellations flood the sky

the birds are glee and sing to me 

a celebration song

since when I leave I’m always free

to return to where I belong

Riley Renee Boyer

Renee Boyer is a local of Lebanon, Tennessee. She graduated highschool from McClain Christian Academy, and she decided to continue her education at Cumberland University. She began her journey at Cumberland getting a degree in Business, but after being inspired by her Creative Writing teacher, Sandee Gertz, she decided to change her major and follow her dreams of being a writer. Both of her parents are creatively and musically inclined, so her interest in the arts is supported and encouraged by her family.

NOVUS Literary and Arts Journal
Lebanon, TN