Hamilton Matthew Masters

Hamilton Matthew Masters is a photographer and writer in Middle Tennessee. His visual and written work has been seen in journalistic publications around the world and in fine art galleries throughout the United States.

One Bedroom Apartment

I remember that one bedroom apartment

how the light cut through the carpet
lifetime supply of shadows just dancing through the kitchen window
in the evenings, afternoons in the winter

Second story, first love story
groceries in both hands
butterfingers and cracking knees

Do you remember?

The way we lived life to make or hope to forget
the things we swore or said in whispered words

crack a smile, laugh a little
you gotta take it one minute a mile at a time

it’s all we’ve got and all we had
precious progress up and down hills with loose gravel

I remember that one bedroom apartment

the feeling of walking through it the first time with you
the smell of freshly washed carpet
The emptiness when we finally last locked it

NOVUS Literary and
Arts Journal
Lebanon, TN