Poet Cemetery

Silver Rain dusts the bridge 

Moonlight’s beams of silk

Unwritten poems walk the rail 

An Unstable language 

Yesterdays breath 

Lingers above every arch

And sinking in every pit 

Budding between brown petals

Thirty-three names silenced by time 

Travelers who have forgotten their voice 

Strays in circles of timeless stone

Voiceless pages turn

Falling petals of the tongue’s age 

Bald grass and rotting wood 

Through these are dull points of pencils 

Still dancing in the breath of winter 

Morgan Bishop

Morgan Bishop is a two-year student at Cumberland University and has a strong passion for poetry. She believes it shares the things we can not say on our own. Morgan one day wishes to publish her own book and to share her work globally.

NOVUS Literary and Arts Journal
Lebanon, TN