Sunday Morning Coming Down

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Church bells beat my alarm to my ears
And there ain’t no going back down.

In the fridge there is a carton of orange juice and a can of beer,
a gander at the calendar confirms Busch is today’s breakfast

snatch a flannel from the floor
Pull up some breeches from the hamper

A hat’s thrown on my head
And I’m out the door

I take the long way around town to avoid the Methodists
I cut through an alley taking precautions against the Baptists

I pass the Episcopalian church
I ain’t too sure if there are any of em’in there

By the time I’m down yonder approaching the porch
I’m damn well sure I’m making a mistake

I sit behind the rusted john-boat and smoke a cigarette to clear my head
I splash on cologne from my shirt pocket to hide the stench

I walk into the house to be greeted by a creaky floor
The memory of the smell of pot roast is the only thing that feels welcoming

I take my seat at the table
As the ghosts begin to talk

They ask me about what I know
That new job and so on

I clean my plate
Hug my mama

Daddy tells me he’s proud of me
If he ever meant it

I hit the sidewalk
The good ole boys pass by in their truck

I light up my second
And pray for this day to end

Jake Harzbecker is a sophomore at Cumberland University where he is double majoring in English and Creative Writing. He is also a member of the Nu chapter of Sigma Chi. He originally started writing poetry as an alternative to journaling and now finds it to be his favorite pastime

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