The Me Inside Of Me

i love the rain, but hate cloudy days

i’m a pessimistic asshole, but also a hopeless romantic

i am flawed,


afraid of being loved,

drink too much coffee,

and can never keep my mouth shut

i hate too much

i hate the color navy

i hate math 

washing my hair

disco music

and republicans


i learned to love the things that i hate,

there’s always a sunny day beyond those clouds

i am made up of flaws and that is what makes me human

without disco music, ABBA wouldn’t exist

and my favorite pair of jeans are a navy blue 

(i’m still trying to find a silver lining with math and republicans) 

i learned that there are good days and bad days

where hating everything feels so much easier than loving something

there are days where hitting rock bottom is easy

but that isn’t living,

living is learning how to love through the silver lining

it is waking up in the morning and washing your hair while singing your favorite song

it’s reading your favorite poems

it’s dancing



for a pessimist, i am growing up to be fairly optimistic

Joely Ford

Joely Ford is a Freshman at Cumberland University who writes poetry, plays, and novels. She is an English major and has been writing stories since she was 8 years old."

NOVUS Literary and Arts Journal
Lebanon, TN