The Moments Following Disaster

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A rough, uneven concrete imprints the bottom of my feet
Shoes not even a thought
Eerie silence combined with frightened chatter
Midnight black sky with a tainted green hue
The smell of wet, mildew grass and fuming gas fusing together
Stronger in parts of the breathing street that will hold this memory
A herd marching in my heart
Cold shiver
A wire through my body
Electric like the yellow porch lights
Collapsed homes clone my own
Fallen tree trunks block the endless road
Red and white flashes send shocks to my eyes
Piercing sirens mimicking bells in my ears
Reminding me of how I used to think
“This would never happen to me.”

Libby Knight is a Cumberland University student who is pursuing a degree in English. Currently 18 years old, she has lived in Mount Juliet, Tennessee since 2011 but is originally from Kentucky. One can always find her with a good book, making coffee, or spending time with her family or friends.

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