Two Questions, One of Which You Answered

Here’s the first, if you ever see this:

what would you leave behind, stranded

in the woods, and given the option?

I anticipated pragmatic survivalism:

cutlery, tents, loose ends, a t-shirt.

The last time we saw each other,

all I remember is asking the second:

are we so sure

that the sun, just before

it climbs over the forest top in the morning,

is really anything worth rising for?

And to both

I imagine and remember you say

it’s the body you’d leave behind;

and for that we rise, too,

for the body we left


Brendan Bense

Brendan Bense is a recent American University graduate with a focus in creative writing and poetry. His work has been featured in Columbia Journal and The Crab Orchard Review.

NOVUS Literary and Arts Journal
Lebanon, TN