White as Snow

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A checkered powder blue dress on Sunday morning—Easter
Red, the color of a leaf in autumn, tied up with a matching ribbon
Little white shoes cradled on small feet, not quite touching
the carpet under the wooden pew
Notes of a piano began, my feet swinging
and swaying inches above the ground,
Back—What can wash away my sin?
Up, Nothing but the blood of Jesus
Back, What can make me whole again?
Up, Nothing but the blood of Jesus
The music carried me on its wings
Pure white curling around me,
Tickling my cheeks with silk feather tips
I fall into them and let myself soar

Kendal Plumlee is an undergraduate student majoring in Creative Writing at Cumberland University. She was born and raised in Lebanon, Tennessee and has had a passion for writing since she was old enough to put pen to paper.

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