About Us

NOVUS is a literary journal housed at Cumberland University in Lebanon, Tennessee. NOVUS succeeds our previous literary journal, Lyre of the Phoenix, mentored by Dr. Michael Rex, pictured below.

As a journal, NOVUS publishes the work of national and international poets, writers, and artists with established publishing histories, alongside the very best of our student undergraduate work. Quality is our main objective, and we strive to spark inspiration with material that reflects the origins of our name: “new and novel” with a fresh spirit and unique voice. We hope to enhance and maintain a community that cherishes creative expression by supporting original, modern perspectives on the human condition, as well as timeless narratives with resonant voices.

Meet Our Team!

NOVUS wouldn’t be what it is today without the help and support of Cumberland University’s Creative and Professional Writing Program. Under their direction, we have been able to conduct NOVUS promotional events, establish a bi-weekly creative writing club at Cumberland University, and establish a full-fledged literary journal here at novusliterary.com. We are also fortunate to have been granted a Dr. Bill McKee Creative Research and Activities Grant to further our efforts and host internationally recognized poets, authors, and writers.

Ms. Sandee Gertz

Managing Editor/Advisor

Sandee Gertz is thrilled to have the honor of managing the Novus journal. She is an Associate Professor at Cumberland focusing on Poetry, Intro to Creative Writing, and Small Press Publishing. She is the author of The Pattern Maker’s Daughter (Poems, Bottom Dog Press 2012) and her credits in poetry and memoir include Gargoyle, Cathexis Northwest Press, Northern Appalachia Review, Green Mountains Review, Poet Lore, The Write Launch, The Ledge, and as a Finalist for the Porch Prize in Fiction and Poetry. Learn more at www.Sandeegertz.com.

Student Editor and Intern,
Molly Smith

Other Members of the Creative and Professional Writing Department:
Ms. Kerry Ann Moore
CPW Program Director
Dr. Michael Rex, Drama

Novus often engages upper level Creative Writing majors in experiential learning by providing a collective publishing environment. Student editors are able to be involved with all aspects of publishing, including reading submissions, editing, correspondence, promotion of events, and more. Pictured here are former students, Joey Padilla (Far Left) and Katherine Wiles  (Far Right)

NOVUS Literary and
Arts Journal
Lebanon, TN