About Us

NOVUS is a literary journal created and run by undergraduate students attending Cumberland University in Lebanon, Tennessee. NOVUS succeeds Cumberland University’s previous literary journal, Lyre of the Phoenix.

As a journal, NOVUS strives to spark inspiration in those who are hesitant to share their work and encourages both new and established writers to experiment with language. Ultimately, NOVUS’s goal is to develop and maintain a community that cherishes creative expression by supporting original, modern perspectives on the human condition.

Meet Our Advisors!

NOVUS wouldn't be what it is today without the help and support of Cumberland University's Creative Writing advisors. Under their direction, we have been able to conduct NOVUS promotional events, establish a bi-weekly creative writing symposium at Cumberland University, and establish a full-fledged literary journal here at novusliterary.com.

Dr. Michael Rex

Ms. Sandee Gertz

Ms. Kerry Ann Moore

Editors of NOVUS

Jamie Fleming

Jamie is an English major and Creative Writing minor at Cumberland University, and she works for her university's writing center as the Head Writing Specialist. When not stressing over her busy schedule, she enjoys writing cryptic poetry and taking care of her pet turtle.

Brianna Bruce

Brianna is an English major and a Creative Writing minor at Cumberland University. In addition to being one of the Assistant Managing Editors of NOVUS, she works as a writing specialist in the Cumberland University Writing Center and serves as the Treasurer of the Cumberland chapter of the Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society. In her free time, she enjoys reading books in various genres, writing stories about her eccentric family, and watching horror movies.

Dakota Delk

Dakota is majoring in English and Secondary Education as well as minoring in Creative Writing at Cumberland University. She serves as Assistant Managing Editor of NOVUS and a writing specialist at the university's writing center. She hopes to one day publish her own novel as she educates others about the power of words.

Alycia Byrd

Alycia Byrd is a writer from Tennessee, born 1998 and writing for most of her life. Her creative endeavors range from critical analysis of popular media to her own literature writing. In her off time she has great enthusiasm for cooking, baking, music and art. While deeply spiritual as a person she is known by her peers for her quick wit and logical problem-solving approach to everyday tasks and obstacles.

Sara Reynolds Cox is a soon-to-be graduate of Cumberland University, majoring in English. In 2018, Sara was awarded the John MacDougall Literary Award through Volunteer State Community College for one of her poems. When she’s not in class, you can find her working in the Writing Center, reading anything by Kurt Vonnegut, or swimming laps. After being published in Novus in 2019, Sara decided that she wanted in on the excitement of working as an editor. She has enjoyed every moment of working on this project with her classmates and Ms. Gertz. She plans to go on to graduate school.

Delaney Brandon

Delaney Brandon is a junior at Cumberland University earning her bachelor’s degree in English and Creative Writing. In addition to writing she enjoys sketching and gardening. Her poetry and nonfiction work revolves mainly around her childhood and hometown.

Jessica Armstrong

Jessica Armstrong lives in Hermitage, Tennessee and is a senior at Cumberland University. Her work has been included in Ampersand, Tennessee's Best Emerging Poets: An Anthology, Novus, and Nashville Poet's Quarterly.

NOVUS Literary and Arts Journal
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