I Wake and Feel the Fall

I Wake and Feel the Fall

In the middle of the afternoon I wake and feel the fall of dark — the shadow on the dogwood and the shortening of days. It is easier to say things to the facelessness of crowded places full of light. You can kill the thing you cherish in a thousand different ways. In my dream […]

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Blindfolded // she’s been molded into and out of systems of loopholes and bureaucracy // corruption and special interests // a more than occasional rush to judgment // leading to injustice // her antithesis // within justice is word play // just/ice // a metaphor for coldness in the belief that what was handed down […]

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Wax Lips

Wax Lips

shirtlesss seven maybe eight swigging lemonade maybe coke climbing a maple maybe a jungle jim eating mud maybe pez bawling my room maybe the basement parents shouting maybe screaming angry staying together maybe not hiding the bed maybe the closet grown up forgiving maybe not wishing i could again view the world barefoot, frog in […]

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Hot roti

Hot roti

It is because he was from the hills. Further up in Himachal, his village was in the Chamba valley.  He said because he belonged to the hills, his skin broke into a rash through the peak summer months of May and June in Jodhpur, when the sun rose high by seven in the morning and did […]

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“I’m thrilled to see these eight poems from The Low Passions (W.W. Norton 2019) find an online home at Novus Literary Arts Journal. I have valued my relationship with the entire Creative and Imaginative Writing Program at Cumberland University and look forward to continuing it.

Anders Carlson-Wee, on the inclusion of his work in our Spring 2021 Online Edition

“There is an airport in my

shadowland I have spent

many days running late to,

many days on a train to.

I wonder if I am on my way to someone else’s shadow”

Quarantine/SSRI Dreams Nos. 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 8

Thomas Ketchersid

“…today       your tongue will march backwards

it will turn a bow in its nest

and you will go thirsty

unless you learn a new name       for everything”



German Dario

Josh Stein Art

Novus’s Interview With Anders Carlson-Wee

Novus intern, Jamie Fleming, had the privilege of interviewing Anders Carlson-Wee, an award-winning author of The Low Passions (2019) and Dynamite (2015). 

In the interview, Anders discusses his previous visit to Cumberland University, tips for new writers, his experiences with train-hopping, and his latest book, The Low Passions

“I speak for you now/ That I know what permanence means/ What if I end up like her / Your lips, two camellia petals brushing against each other/ Pushing our prayers/ Everything will be okay / The first lie I ever spoke”

“Maybe Aphasia”

Dakota Delk



“The Gathering” – Francis Flavan

Shoshone and Paiutes mainly,

Led to Ga-Du-Gi gardening

By an Eastern Cherokee.

They are visions of course.

We Whites like set out on paper



The Weight of Smoke, the Sacrifice of Snails –Silver Webb

“She hears the click of the lighter through the phone. Into her ears comes Daniel’s inhale, the smoke settling in his lungs. In her mind, she sees the stars he lingers under, the only beautiful thing in his apartment complex, ceilings of cottage cheese, black cobwebs in stucco corners, an electric gate that smacks of detention.”

Novus means “new” in Latin…

fresh, extraordinary, unusual, novel, revived…

NOVUS is a literary journal housed at Cumberland University in Lebanon, Tennessee. NOVUS succeeds our previous literary journal, Lyre of the Phoenix.

As a journal, NOVUS publishes the very best of our student work alongside national and international poets, writers, and artists with established publishing histories. Quality is our main objective, and we strive to spark inspiration with material that reflects the origins of our name: “new and novel” with a fresh spirit and unique voice. We hope to enhance and maintain a community that cherishes creative expression by supporting original, modern perspectives on the human condition.

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