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Korrine Key

Korrine Key is a senior at Cumberland University and will graduate in the spring of 2024. Her major is in Creative Writing with a minor in English. Korrine discovered in high school that she enjoyed writing poetry and has been working to improve her writing since then. She takes part in many other creative activities such as art and music. She participates in Concert, Jazz, Marching band, and Choir. The arts have always been a passion of hers. She has been published in the Novus Literary Arts Journal and is working as an editor for the journal as well.

After Reading November for Beginners by Rita Dove

The dream of snow is a relief
In it’s own
These burning fall leaves
Are far too harsh compared to ice
There are too many of them
Too much

Snow is a secret
Blanket to cover the crunching
Brown leaves like dirt
Soggy and frail
In the ongoing autumn rains
Melting them into the earth

The music of the sun’s rays
Crisp the air
Beat the people
Sweat spilling from their foreheads
As they dance in the light
Dreaming of snow to cool
Their tired burning bodies

My Papa’s Hands

I remember your hands 
The most 
Labor-worn and never smooth 
They were large hands 
Fit for a lumberjack 
Yet old and wise 
Never withered 
Strength within each 
Groove and wrinkle 
Though gentle when you’d 
Lead me through 
Your colorful spring garden 
All bright in my youthful eyes 
You’d take me there just to see 
My smile
I was there but a flower bud 
Soaking in this day like water