Tag: Leslie Dianne


You used to write on 

the sides of the trains 

back in the day before

 they invented a paint 

that wiped out your 

possibility before they 

polished you out of 

the city’s eyes some 

people hated those 

shapes those fat full 

letters of your new 

name the reinvention 

of black and brown 

men into their own 

selves of course they 

erased you because 

anyone who got up to

those heights to paint 

their signs is a daredevil

and a threat and it was 

even whispered that you 

must have been sending

 a message to someone 

beyond the stars and 

that you were warriors 

in some intergalactic war

who came down to free your 

people who would know 

you only by your

graffiti tags

NOVUS Literary and Arts Journal
Lebanon, TN