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Trees are More than Bark

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  1. The trees are here because they are planted, not grown on their own. They are planted
    with pebbles that have tints of red and brown. Beautiful trees stand forever. Their
    branches grow to stretch, reaching each other, and wanting to hold on to life. They grow
    to the sky letting their leaves wave in the wind. Their colors shape from green, red,
    purple, and gold. Some are bald needing more time, more food than pebbles to grow. The
    young ones have leaves all over their trunk letting them drop down to give them new life.
    They are taller than any man-made building, not in sight but in spirit. They are the true
    homes of mother nature, where the bark holds a world of creatures ready to be fed back into the outside world.
  1. What do you know about trees? The oak tree grows and knows more. More knowledge
    than any human that has or ever will live. More knowledge than the computers that will
    take us over. More knowledge than the universe itself for the trees were there at the start.
    They are the beginning and they will never be the last but carry on living. The oldest tree
    in the world reaches 5,000 years old. It lives in the harshest conditions. Cold
    temperatures and high winds would kill anything else. Any human can’t live that long
    with a healthy lifestyle or advancements let alone one with freezing temperatures. Bare to
    the bone people would die. But the tree lives on. It is slow growing. It created dense
    wood and bristlecone pine to make it resistant to insects, fungi, rot, and erosion. It knows
    how to protect itself. The tree lives longer because it grows in harsh conditions. We do
    not. We might make it out with our lives but our minds are corrupted. Trees; do not become corrupt. Even with bribery.
  1. The way trees are just there. Watching. You never think twice about the tree that lives in
    your backyard or the one that’s at school until it’s gone. You look at the ground at a hold.
    At a patch of dirt messy sprinkled with grass. It reminds me of sitting in a tree. Of laying
    against it feeling the breeze as I rested from running in the park. It was when my heart
    was racing, my skin was sweaty, and my head still spinning that I felt connected to the
    tree. The wind coming through the leaves, I felt through my bones. The ground that feeds
    the roots, I felt it in my gym shoes. The way the ants climbed up the bark, I was an ant
    climbing back on my feet. The stickiness I felt on my hands and arms after I left the park was a reminder of what I felt and believed.

Leonydes Matis is on track to be a Creative Writing Major. She is in her 2nd semester of her sophomore year. She hopes to write for a living and become an author full-time in the future.